Source More Qualified Candidates in Less Time from LinkedIn with Keyword Alternatives

It’s no secret that LinkedIn’s recent changes have left many recruiters scrambling to find new tools and sourcing strategies. If you’re one of these recruiters, you’re not alone. These changes (and the resulting loss of search functionality that came along with them) made a tough job even tougher. We can’t restore all of these tools and functions, but we can offer some tips to replicate the site’s most useful features. For your best results, you should embrace Boolean searches and the vast amounts of information they can parse in seconds. An important aspect of this task is finding new terms […]

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How to Adapt Your Recruiting Strategy to LinkedIn’s Big Changes

With the recent changes to your permissions and abilities around recruiting with LinkedIn, it’s the perfect time to update your recruiting strategy with some fresh LinkedIn skills. Different details about LinkedIn’s changes have been explored by several of our favorite recruiting writers, but our goal here is to bring together all of the noteworthy differences between old LinkedIn and new, plus, provide some helpful tips for getting the most out of the new system. Let’s get to it. LinkedIn’s changes to Altered Search features (and what to do about them) Change Perhaps the most significant changes to the platform are the […]

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Boolean Search Part 2: Sourcing Candidates with Better Strings (and Questions!)

Here we are again taking a look at the mighty Boolean search when it’s used for sourcing candidates in your recruiting process. We first visited this subject a few weeks ago and the topic really benefited our readers, so we decided to dive a little deeper this time. If you haven’t read Part 1 of our Boolean exploration, I invite you to do so here (note though, it’s not necessarily critical if you already understand Boolean basics). Let’s quickly cover the Boolean basics OK, so Boolean searches work thanks to their “operators,” which are: Quotations AND OR NOT Parenthesis So, […]

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String Theory: Improve Your Candidate Sourcing With Boolean Search Basics

BOO-lean! Get it? I know, I know… but it’s nearly Halloween and I’m feeling festive, so forgive the pun. The Boolean search is a powerful and important tool in the recruiter arsenal, but the idea of Boolean searching might sound totally mysterious and even a little scary to those of you unfamiliar with the practice. There’s nothing to fear here though, let’s look at Boolean searches, operators and terms together. We’ll define what they are and how to best use them in your recruiting process. NOTE: For those advanced Boolean-ers out there, this post probably isn’t for you. This article […]

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