Learning new strategies and taking on challenges are important aspects of the recruiting process. The articles posted this week have done a great job of showing us how taking on new tasks, such as tracking recruiting metrics or revisiting your recruitment process from the candidate’s perspective, can be beneficial exercises that lead to better hiring (and the faster closing of jobs). This week’s authors also provided us with new recruiting tools and techniques to try as you begin sourcing in the new year.



9 Talent Analytics Use Cases for Business Leaders

By Ben Eubanks

If you’re looking to integrate metrics into your team’s strategy or would like to find new uses for your existing data, take a look at these key insights that can be gleaned using people analytics. Some of the indicators identified by Eubanks are extremely beneficial to succession planning and the hiring process, these metrics include:

  • If performance-based pay or pay based on tenure is a more effective model for a particular company.
  • Which employees will be high performers and which ones are more suited to taking on global roles.
  • Workforce planning, determining which employees are likely to leave, which employees are likely to retire and aspects of the employee lifecycle.

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The Truth About Candidate Experience: Are You Making these Common Mistakes?

By Laura King

When assessing your talent acquisition strategy, what are the key factors that you should be looking at and evaluating from the candidate’s perspective? King uses her experiences both as a recruiter and as a candidate to compile a list of the top issues that recruiters should scrutinize when assessing their processes. Her tips for evaluating your firm’s and your client’s process include:

  1. Assessing the application process and how navigable your website and career pages are for applicants.
  2. How are applicants treated during the hiring phase? Are your timelines fairly consistent and accurate? Do candidates receive feedback and are they kept informed about the hiring process? These are some of the pain points that candidates face, ensure that you’re addressing them to create a positive candidate experience.
  3. Be responsive and quick to assess your process so that it’s inviting and sends a positive message to candidates about the company and its hiring process.

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Sourcing in 2016 and What’s Ahead in 2017

By Irina Shamaeva

One of the top sourcing experts, Irina Shamaeva, provides us with her list of growing trends and what to expect for the future of sourcing. Her list is great for all of the high tech sourcers, who are always looking for new innovations and tips. Some of her predictions and advice includes:

  1. Using Google X-Ray as a less complex search tool than Boolean.
  2. Networking and joining groups on Facebook as the site moves into the world of talent acquisition and sourcing.
  3. Utilizing mobile sourcing as it’s here to stay and will provide recruiters with new opportunities to contact candidates.

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Talent Acquisition Strategies for 2017 Will be Driven by This One Trend

By Steven Wade

Wade’s list is full of insights for companies who are looking to hire differently by utilizing a modern approach to talent acquisition. His suggestions are great for anyone who is interested in trying new strategies and crafting innovative sourcing and recruiting policies. Some of Wade’s unique tactics include:

  • Allowing passive candidates to apply with social profiles rather than resumes, as passive talent is less likely to have an updated resume on hand.
  • Developing interview strategies and questions that assess candidates’ soft skills, not just their industry qualifications.
  • Creating exciting and novel compensation packages that appeal to creatives and innovators.

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The Move To Process Efficiency and Consistency: Bold Predictions for the Talent Acquisition Industry in 2017

By Jeff Wedge

Wedge makes a series of bold predictions for the staffing and recruiting industry as he looks forward to 2017 and the changes that the recruiting world will see in years to come. Some of the changes that Wedge expects to see include:

  • A focus on the candidate and their needs to attract and retain talent.
  • Automation becoming more prominent in the recruiting process and integrated features and systems seen more often.
  • More standardization in the recruitment process as regulatory and compliance issues take root.

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