One of the biggest themes in recruiting is always speed (we’re pretty much obsessed with it here at Jobjet). This week is no exception around the blogosphere. How can you source candidates faster without losing out on quality? How do you narrow your focus without feeling as though you’re sourcing from a shallow talent pool?

This week’s authors shared their top tips for working with your team (and clients) to speed up your recruiting process and find solutions for keeping top talent in the running when timelines become drawn out.


Accelerate Your Talent Branding, Acquisition and Engagement Strategies – Focus on Benefits and Change Management

By Kimberlea Kozachenko

Kozachenko dives into the benefits that candidates really care about when applying to jobs. She factors in more than just wages and health insurance costs to create a holistic image of what matters most to candidates. She explains how listening to employees and developing strategies for change can be a great way of boosting your employee engagement and producing employer branding strategies while perpetuating a culture that gives everyone a voice.

Some of Kozachenko’s strategies for going about this include:

  • Survey present employees to determine their values.
  • Assess your employees needs in creative ways. Perhaps you can’t offer additional time off, but you could develop programs that allow employees to work more-flexible schedules.
  • Put together a “change management” team so that employees who are on the floor can help manage and implement changes.
  • Ensure that employees understand the changes being made and have access to information and tools to make the transition easier.
  • Assess your changes and how they can be improved, keep employees in the know as you continue to alter and develop your plans for change.

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Why Faster Recruiting Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

By Jeremy Bennett 

Bennett shares some of his top tips for recruiting elite candidates and speeding up the recruiting process. Some of his great tactics include:

  • Review your process and address the most time consuming aspects of it.
  • Court top candidates to show them how valuable they are to your client’s company.
  • Stay in contact with candidates to eliminate some of the fears and consternation that candidates often have during the hiring process.

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Passive Recruiting is Proactive Recruiting

By Katherine Burik 

Burik gives us a detailed playbook on attracting the best passive candidates to your team. This group makes up almost 80% of the total candidate pool, so it’s a good idea to cater to them and their skillsets. Burik has put together a great list of questions to consider as you begin developing an outreach strategy for attracting passive candidates:

  1. How is your organization unique? How can you leverage this?
  2. Which positions should you be recruiting for proactively?
  3. Which positions have the most unique and hard to find skillsets?
  4. What skill sets and qualifications should your ideal candidate possess?
  5. Where can you find these candidates to market to them? What social and in-person meetups are these candidates likely to be found at?

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Talent Acquisition in 2017

By Melissa Hooven 

Hooven discusses her thoughts on the trends that are likely to dominate the recruiting and talent acquisition industry this year. She predicts that recruiters and talent acquisition pros will need to build strong relationships with candidates as hiring managers and companies begin to rely more and more on recruiters to guide their decisions.

Her other strategies for 2017 include:

  • Get to know your candidates to ensure that the position you have to offer will be an interesting and fulfilling one.
  • Talk to candidates about more than just their credentials and qualifications, keeping in mind that they may not be a fit for this role, but may be perfect for your next req.
  • Companies are relying more and more on the opinions of their talent acquisition partners when making hiring decisions. They rely on you to find people who fit their requirements and their unique culture.
  • Urge everyone involved in the hiring process to work on improving the time to hire to retain the great candidates that you come across in the recruitment process.

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A Personal Commitment to Share More About Our Journey Toward Reinventing Recruitment

By Sjoerd Gehring 

Gehring shares the steps and strategies that Johnson & Johnson’s recruiters have undertaken to improve their recruitment process. Some of the steps his team is taking to get more candidate feedback and to personalize the hiring process include:

  • All candidates will be asked to complete surveys as they move through the company’s hiring and selection process.
  • Net Promoter Scores will be used to determine how candidates view the process and areas that require additional attention.
  • Johnson & Johnson is also developing an app that candidates can utilize to increase transparency and open communication during the hiring and selection process.

While all of this may not be scalable for every firm, it is certainly indicative of the direction that the industry is headed in. Those who do not focus on the candidate experience and transparency are likely to lose out on great talent.

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