November Updates

Let’s not waste any time summarizing the latest changes we’ve made to Jobjet. We’re all about speed and efficiency around here. With our latest round of updates, you and anyone else using or trying Jobjet’s sourcing tools and recruitment software are going to be up and running (and better than ever) in no time. 

Fast Just Got Free

Users can now try Jobjet for free

Jobjet now offers a free version of the recruitment software you know and love. Our “Freemium” tier of Jobjet is the perfect option for recruiters (or HR pros of any kind) who want to get their toes wet with our powerful sourcing tools and ATS.

You get all of Jobjet’s most important features (like our Chrome Extension, organized pipelines, convenient layouts and easy-to-follow candidate stages) in a light-weight package that’s incredibly easy to pick up and use.

With our new Freemium tier, users get a free sourcing tool that’s powerful and simple in the form of our Hound Chrome Extension. Browse LinkedIn for candidates and then add all of the candidates who interest you to your organized lists in your ATS. There’s no limit to how big you build your pipelines with our free Hound + Jobjet sourcing tools.

Keep Updated Data Automatically

View candidate profiles and contact information together

We organized candidate profiles inside Jobjet to be a little more efficient. The “Profile” and “Contact Info” tabs have been merged to make seeing and  contacting candidates in your pipeline seamless and smooth.

Increase Your Sourcing Speed

Uncover contact information from GitHub and Angel List

Use your Chrome Extension on the popular sites GitHub and AngelList. Browse through candidates and then scrape your favorite profiles with the same Hound Chrome Extension you use for LinkedIn.

Scrape full pages of social search results

Your Hound Chrome Extension now applies its profile-scraping technology to full page results. Scrape the candidate information of one, two or even 10 candidates at one time! Go ahead, enjoy gathering more information in even less time.

LinkedIn Lists

Gather contact information faster

We improved the wait time with our Chrome Extension so that you can uncover candidate email addresses, phone numbers and social profiles in even less time than before. This ol’ dog gets faster with age!

Recall sent emails

You now have 20 seconds to undo an email sent from your Jobjet app. You may have used a feature like this in your Gmail mailbox before. Catch any embarrassing typos or mistakes and fix them even after hitting the send button.

Enjoy Now!

All of these great updates are now available for your recruiting pleasure. If you’ve already found yourself using them, that’s terrific. If not, we encourage you to test them in your recruitment process today. What good is all of this power and convenience if it’s not being used? Enjoy!