Update News

Hello again and welcome to our recap of the newest features and changes that are now live on Jobjet’s recruiting tools. Our latest round of updates will help you stay organized in the app, while also increasing your sourcing speed with a few time-saving improvements to the Jobjet Chrome Extension.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see!

Improvements to the App help you stay organized

Use Tags to organize People, Jobs and Companies

We simplified the way you organize your valuable pieces of data inside Jobjet with an update to our “Tag” feature. This update gives you more flexibility and customization, while also making your time in Jobjet faster and a little more simple.


Tags give you complete flexibility

Tags can now be created to mean anything. It only depends on what you need to have tagged. Jobjet doesn’t limit you to pre-created tags of any kind, nor does it force you into limiting tag names or references that it recognizes.


You create the tags you want and then assign them however you want. These Tags also replace the “Candidate Labels” and “bookmarks” from our previous Jobjet versions. Now, you can simply use a Tag to label, mark and organize everything inside Jobjet that needs an extra layer of specificity.

Create the Tag, then quickly select it later

The only default Tag that is created inside Jobjet (without you creating it), is the “Sourced with Jobjet” Tag that will appear next to every candidate sourced with the Jobjet Chrome Extension. Other than that single Tag, you can create whatever demarcations you choose.


Once you create a Tag once, Jobjet automatically remembers it. So after it’s created, Jobjet will automatically give you the option of using it in a drop-down list, which will populate with of all your available tags, every time you go on to add a tag to a new candidate, job or company.

“Skills” are now completely customizable

Before, “Skills” were predefined by the Jobjet App. Now, you can customize and create whatever skills you want. This update is great for recruiters with pipelines full of candidates who have varying skills in different industries. Every candidate is different, so our evolution of “Skills” gives you the power and flexibility to create candidate profiles that accurately reflect the unique skill sets and experiences offered by each and every candidate.


Your home screen is now the Candidate Dashboard

The dashboard that lists all of your candidates is now your Jobjet home screen. Whenever you log into your Jobjet App, you will automatically open your Candidate Dashboard. Wherever you go from there is entirely up to you.


Multitask with the new Jobjet Chrome Extension

Continue browsing while you uncover candidate info with the Jobjet Chrome Extension

Sourcing Single Candidates

We updated our Chrome Extension to allow simultaneous candidate enrichment and browsing. You are now able to land on a candidate, choose to enrich this candidate, and then move on to the next candidate on your list before Jobjet has finished verifying the candidate’s newly found data. Simply look for the processing icon on the side of your Jobjet Chrome Extension. It will tell you as soon as your last candidate has been enriched.


Sourcing Multiple Candidates

New flexibility also applies to bulk candidate enrichment. Really, it’s probably most helpful for this process. Take the list view of candidates in your Chrome Extension. Select to enrich all of them (or only the ones you want), then feel free to continue browsing while Jobjet uncovers all of the candidates’ contact data in the background. You don’t need to stay on the list-view screen of the candidates who are receiving the enrichment.


Look for the icons to tell you enrichment status

Just like for single candidates, simply look for the icons and the statuses of each candidate to see when they are completely updated.


Candidates now have 3 stages in the Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension now automatically gives candidates one of three possible classifications after you choose to enrich them.


The Chrome Extension is running its search for all of the available data for your candidate.


All of the candidate’s available data has been collected and is now visible.


The candidate has been saved to your Jobjet app with all available information (there is no other information to be found).

Contact candidates as soon as they are enriched

Your Jobjet Chrome Extension will now let you contact an enriched candidate, as soon as the enrichment process is complete, from right below the candidate’s name. Just look for the small icon under the candidate’s name.

Simply click on it and make contact. Fast, right?


“Add Tag” has replaced “Add to List”

Corresponding to the larger roll out of our tagging feature, the Chrome Extension no longer adds candidates to lists if you use the Chrome Extension with the Jobjet App. Now, you can quickly “Tag” your favorite candidates with whatever Tag you choose, right from your same Chrome window.

You’re still able to build lists of your favorite candidates, you simply need to create the “Tag” (which will serve as the name of your list). Then, attach this Tag to all of the candidates who should be added to this pipeline. Grouping candidates and associating them with opportunities is fast and simple with tags.