March Changelog and Product Updates


We’re making it easier to find and share the perfect candidate with new features for data imports, deeper search, candidate filtering and more control of over your open opportunities.

March Updates

We are excited to announce several updates that improve your ability to customize JobJet to your unique sourcing, recruiting and hiring processes.

As apart of this month’s update we’ve also launched a new help desk as a resource of Frequently Asked Questions:

Review each update individually and learn how take advantage of the new features!

Control Your Data

Import Lists

We have made it much easier to import lists of people, companies or prospective candidates. Now from any screen, you can quickly drag and drop or upload .xls, .ods, .csv files to import your data.

To import new files, select “Import” > “List” from the main menu.

Import and Parse Multiple Resumes

JobJet now supports multiple resume parsing. If you have a folder of resumes, you can upload a compressed .zip folder and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll parse the resumes and create individual candidate profiles. New profiles are stored in People and from there you can send email, text messages or add the candidates to any opportunity.

To upload resumes in bulk from the main menu select “Import” > “Resumes.”

Download Your Data

Admin users can now extract account data from Account Settings. We’ve also extended the download time to 96 hours.

To extract data from your JobJet account, select “Settings” > “Options” > “Extract Account.”

Import connections from Linkedin and Google+

For new JobJet users, our onboarding process will sync LinkedIn and Google+ accounts to import your personal connections.

JobJet will automatically generate People and Company profiles from the skills, resumes and work experience found in the imported social profiles.

This is a feature for new JobJet users to complete during the Setup Guide. For existing customers, you can export your social connections and import connections as a list.


In Depth Search

We’ve improved keyword search to provide results for People, Companies and Opportunities. Search for broad keywords or exact results like Name, Opportunity Title and Job ID keywords.

Filter Pulse and Team Activity

For busy teams with several open opportunities, you can now filter the Pulse stream by Date Range, Notification Type and Creator.

If you’re tired of an overflowing inbox, Pulse helps you stay up to date across the entire recruiting lifecycle. Organize your stream to gain insight into every recruiting activity.


Share Candidate Profiles Publicly

If you think you have found a great candidate, you can now share the profile with hiring managers or clients who do not have JobJet access.

Recipients will receive a link to a web-based candidate profile and will not require a user to log in to JobJet. The recipient will not have access to candidate contact information.

To share a candidate’s profile publicly, “Send Candidate” from your pipeline or “Share Profile” from the candidate profile.

From the Candidate Profile, just click “Share Profile” and you can send a link to anyone.

Candidate Reminders, Events and Activity

To give you more control over multiple candidates, we’ve added a new feature to create reminders, events and activities from the Pipeline.

Select individual or multiple candidates and schedule the appropriate action.

Sort candidates alphabetically by name

If you want to sort candidates in your Pipeline by name, you can now sort alphabetically ascending A-Z and descending Z-A.

Filter Opportunities by Published / Not Published

To organize your opportunities, we’ve added a new filter to sort Opportunity by Completeness.

You can easily filter by Published, Not Published, and Candidates.

Closing an Opportunity

We’ve added a new prompt to allow you to close an opportunity once you place a candidate. You will only see this confirmation after moving a candidate to the “Placed” pipeline stage.

If you are recruiting multiple candidates for the same position or prefer to keep the opportunity open, just click Update.

Customize your job portal subdomain

Your job portal displays your open job opportunities for candidates to apply directly. You can create a custom subdomain for your job portal, example

Customizing your subdomain makes it easier to share and reference.

To customize your subdomain, select Account Settings, enter your preferred name and click save.


Display Email and Phone in Lists

To quickly identify primary contact information, you can now add Email and Phone as columns in your People list.

To add contact info, click the “Gear” icon and add “Email” or “Phone” as columns.

Filter People by Skills

To quickly identify and organize People by specific skills, you can search by keyword and sort profiles by selecting the skills that are most important.

In your People list, select “Skills”, search by keyword and select individual or multiple skills categories.

Customize Candidate Document Details

We’re making it possible to edit and organize candidate documents. You can now edit the Name, Link and Description of documents associated with every candidate or company profile.

To edit documents, hover over the document, click the “Pencil” icon and save your changes.

Add Multiple Entities for Linked records

If you are setting a reminder, you can also link to multiple entities including Opportunities, People and Companies.

To add multiple entities, select “Linked” and use the tabs to choose from the available options.