We recently read an article by Dr. John Sullivan that highlights the issues that come with recruiting in an era of low unemployment. Because of these issues, he urges recruiters to shift to a hiring strategy that places greater emphasis on passive recruiting, or what he calls a “poaching strategy.”

We strongly agree with Dr. Sullivan’s argument, and we created Jobjet to help recruiting teams streamline passive recruiting strategies. In this blog post we are going to outline the main points of Dr. Sullivan’s argument and explain how Jobjet can meet your passive recruiting needs.

Dr. Sullivan’s Main Argument

The unemployment rate is currently at a rare low in the United States. Because of this, recruiters who rely heavily on the unemployed to fill job openings are having a difficult time finding qualified candidates.

To combat this issue, Sullivan recommends that recruiters change their strategies by looking to hire candidates who are currently employed, rather than waiting patiently for applications to come in. By shifting to a “poaching strategy,” and looking to hire candidates who are currently employed, recruiting teams can fill their candidate pipeline with qualified performers with up-to-date training.

Dr. Sullivan goes into depth about specific strategies that recruiters should implement to maximize their passive recruiting capabilities in his blog post. His recommended passive recruiting strategies include using a pipeline approach, working quickly, and using superior recruiters, all of which Jobjet can help you accomplish.

How Jobjet Can Meet Your Passive Recruiting Needs

Jobjet’s was created with the needs of today’s recruiter in mind. Therefore, our platform has various functions that make passive recruiting fast and easy. These functions include an internal candidate cloud, the ability to quickly access hidden candidate contact information, and the ability to source and add multiple candidates to a job opening pipeline instantly, even with a bulk sourcing mode.  

If you would like to learn more about Jobjet’s various functions, feel free to reach out or request a demo.