June Updates

Hello again! Here we are with the latest round of new Jobjet features. We think you’re going to love the customized changes, organizational features and time-reducing tools we added to your app. We could go on and on about the new Chrome Extension, Job Portal Customizations, Pipeline Templates… but hey, let’s just take a look at all of them now!

Master LinkedIn

Update existing candidate information with the new Chrome Extension

Our new Chrome Extension gives you the ability to update the information of candidates, who are already in your pipeline, with the speed and ease of a seamlessly integrated Chrome Extension. Simply add the Jobjet Extension to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Store to quickly update a candidate’s contact information or professional development. The changes will sync directly with your Jobjet account and you won’t even need to leave Chrome!


Add the Chrome Extension

Simplify onboarding

Get in and get going

Onboarding yourself or new members of your recruiting team just got even easier with Jobjet’s new onboarding steps. We’ve all been intimidated by new software or programs that don’t help us through the first steps, so we wanted to make sure that never happens with our users. To help get new users up to speed, we updated Jobjet’s onboarding steps for new accounts. Now users can get the most out of their product without feeling overwhelmed by all of its capabilities.

We’ll walk you through the setup process, step by step, to gather all of the necessary information about you, your team and your company, so that you have a properly completed and prepared recruiting profile.



Ensure a great candidate experience

Make quick changes to your job portal

We also added a new Job Portal tab under the Settings screen of your Jobjet account. Here, you can make quick updates to the page that will be seen by hundreds and thousands of qualified applicants.

Quickly add/change your company logo, select the color scheme of the applicant-facing page, update different page titles to test if one encourages more candidate responses, and create your own custom domain name with just a few quick clicks.


Give candidates the experience they deserve

We updated our Job Portal capabilities to help you customize your public-facing opportunities and improve the candidate experience of job-searching applicants. These changes create a clean and easy process for candidates to find and apply to open jobs. No hoops and no unnecessary steps here, just your open positions and a simple process to gather your applicant’s information.


Put your best foot forward

Think about your job portal as your recruiting store front. It’s open all day and night and should always be ready to attract a new applicant. Jobjet helps you customize an attractive and compelling candidate experience to source new recruits and engage fresh talent.

Easily move candidates

Create Pipeline Templates for a faster candidate flow

Some of you have told us how much you enjoy using Jobjet for building your applicant pipelines, which made us incredibly happy to hear! However, we thought it could get even better. So, we developed Global Templates for each job type under the settings section of your account.

Now, you can create a pipeline template to have immediately available anytime you open an new job. Templates help you organize your workflow for different Hiring Mangers, Job Types, Locations or Clients. Building out and re-ordering new pipeline is easy with drop and drop and quick add for new stages. You can also share pipeline templates with you team or keep them private, it’s up to you.

Do you want an entirely different set of pipelines? Go ahead a make them! Building a new template is super easy, as you can see here:


Once you have your custom templates built, you can easily change them at any time. Global Templates add another layer of customization to your Jobjet experience, so feel free to make them fit just the way you like.



Stay organized

View employees and documents in a list view

Our new list view arranges all of your employees and documents in a super organized format that’s clean, instantly recognizable and straightforward.
5.0 List view on Employees, Documents

Merge company names, acronyms and locations into one profile

Managing company names, acronyms and locations can be a messy process, especially when candidate resumes refer to multiple locations, offices and nicknames. Keep all of that information organized and clean with Jobjet’s newest merging feature. You now have an easy way to manage company profiles (and the various names that candidates may use to refer to the same organizations).

By using the “Acquisition” feature, merging your companies doesn’t delete any old information. You simply add the sub profiles of the acquired companies to the target company. It looks like this:

6.0 Acquisition process for Merge Company

You don’t need to worry about confusing acronyms, misspelled company titles or any other complications that can arise from larger companies that change names or have multiple locations any longer.

See company locations in the search results

Recruiters with larger clients or companies spread across multiple locations will love the update to our autocompleting results that populate in the search bar. When you search for a company name, you can now see its location in the immediate results just below the company name. This is another small update that we think will have a great impact on your daily recruiting practice by saving you time in an immediate and intuitive way.

See how your company search will appear here:

Browse through profiles quickly

We added convenient paging arrows to the left and right of some pop-up windows inside your app as well. Now you can click back and forth through consecutive people and companies with even greater speed and ease.


Update candidate contact information

As your pipeline builds, you’re going to have candidates that change jobs, phone numbers, email addresses and every other part of their profiles. Change may be the only constant in recruiting, so we developed a fast way for your to update old candidate contact information with new data.

Jobjet will let you know when your candidate has conflicting fields, so you can decide if you want Jobjet to automatically update the information for you.


Engage your team

Hide candidate information of shared profiles

Sharing doesn’t mean over-exposing when using Jobjet profiles. Remove bias from the team-recruiting process by making visible only the candidate information that is relevant to the job, such as a candidate’s experience, skills or the notes created in their candidate profile.

By unchecking the “Personal” option of the viewable fields of the public profile, you can make sure your team members and hiring managers aren’t distracted or misled by the applicant’s personal information, name, photo or location.
Keep your recruiting on track (and legally protected) by focusing on the information that matters.
7.0 Hiding personal information of shared profiles

Assign new roles to different users and team members

We have updated nomenclature of user titles in Jobjet to make your experience, and the experience of your entire team, even easier to master and follow.


You now have the following roles available inside Jobjet: Recruiter (Regular user in the past) | Hiring Manager (this role has the same permissions as the “Recruiter”) | Watcher (is able to watch and follow shared Jobs) | Interviewer ( this role has the same permissions as the “Watcher”)

You may see that a couple of these roles have the same permissions as one another, which is a correct conclusion. The added options give you more flexibility to add and remove permissions for individual users over time. Plus, uniquely defined roles will help your team stay organized around open jobs.

These new user titles should be a little more intuitive for new users and easily understandable for our current Jobjet recruiters.

Enjoy now!

Jobjet is all ready for you and your team

These changes are now ready for you to enjoy inside Jobjet. Take a look around, try the new Chrome Extension and let us know what you think! We’d love to have your feedback on what you like, what you don’t like, and what we can do next to make Jobjet the best recruiting tool you’ve ever used.

Happy recruiting!