December Update

If you want to contact candidates quickly, you’re going to love our latest update… introducing our brand new Jobjet Message tool, which is now available for every single Jobjet user. Find qualified candidates, uncover their contact information and email them from your Jobjet account fast. Plus, now all of your candidate communications will now be conveniently organized in one place!

This announcement may not be a long one, but it’s a big one.

Prepare to Make Contact

Manage your communications with Jobjet Message

Jobjet Message is the perfect tool for recruiters who need to quickly contact qualified candidates without wasting any time. With Jobjet Message, we removed all of the frustrating middle steps between finding great talent, reaching out to them and maintaining conversations over days, weeks and months.

Jobjet Message keeps all of your candidate communications in one convenient, easy-to-follow layout. You can benefit from Jobjet Message in a couple different ways.

1) Organize communications across teams, clients and candidates in one place

2) Track conversations with individual candidates over time (and in order)

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Jobjet Message Works Fast (and Looks Good!)

Email candidates in a few clicks

Jobjet Message allows you to go from finding new candidates, to emailing them in seconds with a combination of simple steps and customizable tools.

Here’s how you can use Jobjet Message with your free Jobjet Chrome Extension

  1. Find your candidate with your Jobjet Chrome Browser.
  2. Use an existing email address that appears or take advantage of Jobjet’s email discovery power and uncover any hidden email addresses that look more promising.
  3. Click on an email address of the candidate (this will automatically launch Jobjet Message).
  4. Write your email (or use one of Jobjet’s handy templates).
  5. Send your message.
  6. Track your conversations with candidates AND hiring managers (or anyone else you contact through Jobjet).


Jobjet Message… Prepare for Contact

Stop wasting time, start messaging fast

No longer must you jump between websites, browsers, apps and inboxes to source candidates. You don’t need to waste time by looking for email addresses, cross-referencing old candidate data with new information, or feverishly copy & pasting between LinkedIn and your email provider.

Jobjet Message takes the headache out of communicating with candidates and it allows you to focus on what matters, not what wastes time. We know you’re going love how fast and easy it is, so give Jobjet Message a try today!