January Update

It’s that time again! The first month of 2017 has been a busy one, but we want to make sure that you have everything you need to make this year your most successful yet. Let’s take a look at a few of the things we’ve been up to lately around here at Jobjet.

Enjoy Improved Candidate Data

Enrich candidate data from inside candidate profiles

We added a helpful little feature to your candidate profiles in the form of a “Get Contact Info” button. This option is great for existing candidates who might have been missed in your regularly scheduled updates. Simply select the green text to use the same powerful data-finding technology that discovers candidate contact info in your Jobjet Chrome Extension.

So for example, if you’re browsing through candidates and find one with the right skills and qualifications for your request, but he or she lacks any contact information, you can discover their email addresses, phone numbers and social profiles right inside the profile window that you already have open.

Discover better candidate contact data

Jobjet takes great care to return only verified, usable candidate data to our users. It’s sort of our calling card. So we’re excited to tell you that your candidate queries will now be even better after some technical tinkering on our end.

Jobjet is now better than ever at discovering any candidate’s hidden contact information.

Organize Candidates to Fit Into Your Process

View candidates according to email addresses and phone numbers

You can now arrange your candidate list alphabetically by email address or numerically by phone numbers. You can find these new viewing options with the rest of your “saved views,” which are organized behind the small gear icon on the upper right corner of your Candidate List screen.

Customize your candidate list and pipelines to match the way you like to work.

Source from LinkedIn Quickly and Efficiently

Continue to use your Chrome Extension with LinkedIn’s new layout

As LinkedIn rolls out its new layout, some third-party services and Chrome extensions experienced issues with their tools working properly with LinkedIn. We jumped out ahead of the problem to make sure that your sourcing experience with our Chrome Extension stayed smooth and productive on LinkedIn’s platform.

Go ahead and keep sourcing great new candidates with ease.

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