HR teams know that waiting for active candidates to come through the door or depending on passive candidates to respond to LinkedIn InMail can be time consuming and ineffective. Because of this, we believe that it’s important to source passive talent and contact candidates outside of LinkedIn.

Let’s examine some key reasons why reaching out to passive candidates using direct contact information is crucial to maximize recruiting success.

Strong Active Candidates Are Harder to Come By

It may seem that waiting for applications and expressions of interest from candidates actively searching for a job is the best way to fill an open position. However, this is not always the case, especially now. The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in nearly 50 years, so strong active candidates are much less likely to come by. Therefore, your pool of active applicants may not contain the right person for the job you are trying to fill. So it’s important to use passive sourcing strategies that expand your pool of prospective new hires and ultimately help you find the best fit for the job.

LinkedIn InMail isn’t Maximizing Your Passive Recruitment Potential  

Because of the lack of active candidates available, many HR teams turn to LinkedIn in an attempt to source passive candidates. However, as we discussed in a recent blog post, using LinkedIn InMail as a strategy to find and contact qualified candidates often doesn’t end successfully.

Candidates who aren’t on an active job search are unlikely to be checking LinkedIn heavily, narrowing the candidate pool significantly. Even if they are, it is likely that they will ignore LinkedIn messages because they seem impersonal and mass produced. Using other, more personal methods of contacting candidates, such as email, can grab attention and easily increase reply rates and interest.

How Passive Recruiting Using Direct Contact Information Can Help

Access to direct contact information solves both of the issues outlined above. By sourcing passive candidates and reaching out to them through more personal channels you are increasing your chances of:

1) Finding the right candidate

2) Reaching them  

3) Getting a response from them

Jobjet’s platform allows you to easily access candidates direct contact information, such as personal emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles, with the click of a button through its well-tested enrichment process. Contacting candidates outside of LinkedIn is guaranteed to help your outreach efforts and get noticed faster, which will lead to a more successful recruitment process.

If you would like to learn more about Jobjet’s platform, feel free to reach out or request a demo.

Happy recruiting!