Update News

Our latest Jobjet updates give you more power and flexibility when communicating with candidates. Plus, we improved our onboarding process for new users so that everybody starts off with a Jobjet they’ll love.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve done recently.

Message candidates on your schedule

Schedule emails to fit your recruiting process

Now you can quickly schedule emails to your favorite candidates from your Jobjet App. You don’t have to worry about setting up calendar reminders or noticing that sticky note stuck to your desktop monitor. Now, you can schedule out candidate emails all at once, one at a time, or however else you’d like to do it.

Schedule, delay and create email campaigns with a few clicks

Jobjet’s new Email Scheduling feature allows you to create persuasive email campaigns with a few short clicks. Set up a cadence that works for your candidates and your schedule. Then sit back and relax as Jobjet takes care of the rest.

You can track and update your scheduled emails at any time. If you find that different times work better for communicating with different candidates, simply update the “Date and Time” of your email to improve your response results.

update email times

Find all of your scheduled emails in one convenient place

You can quickly find, track, edit and update all of your scheduled messages from your “Messages” dashboard inside Jobjet. Simply click on the “Scheduled” tab to see all of your scheduled emails neatly arranged in a list.

find your scheduled emails

Get started with Jobjet even faster

Set up a Jobjet account in a few moments

We want Jobjet to get up and running in the least amount of time possible, so we streamlined the onboarding process for new users. New users can now start recruiting with Jobjet after a handful of steps that take only a few moments to complete.

Set up a profile fast

Of course, we still need some basic information from you to make sure your Jobjet experience is customized and ready to roll, but we designed the process of gathering that info to be fast and painless.

Simply complete a few boxes to create your Jobjet profile.


Add your recruiting team with email addresses

Invite your entire recruiting team with only their email addresses. You can add them later, or right at the start as you create your Jobjet account. Organizing a recruiting team couldn’t be easier, or faster.

invite team

Enjoy a quick how-to video on using Jobjet

Watch a quick “Getting Started with Jobjet” video or skip it and head into the app. If you choose to watch it, you’ll learn some handy tips for using your new recruiting software. We’ve found some best practices since we first launched Jobjet and we wanted you to have them right from the start.


Install your free Chrome Extension and go!

Your last step for starting your Jobjet account might be the most important. Add your Jobjet Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser before diving into any sourcing tasks.

The Chrome Extension gives you the fastest sourcing experience possible. With an elegant design and its ability to discover hidden (but always verified) candidate data in seconds, it’s the perfect compliment to Jobjet’s organizational features. The Jobjet Chrome Extension + Jobjet is the perfect match!

install chrome extension

Try Jobjet for free

Have you tried all of Jobjet’s powerful tools yet?

Quickly browse through millions of candidate profiles, discover hidden contact information and email candidates fast with Jobjet’s line of recruiting tools.

Plus, we’ll give you 10 complimentary candidate credits just for signing up! These credits can be used with the free Chrome Extension to discover hidden candidate data, like email addresses, phone numbers and social profiles.

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