Contacting candidates is the great recruiting challenge of the day. There are hundreds of new methods, tools and techniques for finding qualified talent out there. However, contacting your favorite candidates still comes down to some of the oldest challenges in all of business… getting someone to pay attention and hooking that same someone on what you have to offer him or her.

I thought it would be helpful to use today’s blog post to explore a few methods and techniques for contacting candidates and how one of our newest tools can help you do it quickly and efficiently. We introduced Jobjet Message just last week, but already we’re seeing it used to great effect. It’s a great tool for quickly sending emails and tracking your conversations over time.

Let’s explore how you can save time when contacting candidates and how you can raise your response rates in the process.

Stay organized when communicating with candidates

Organization in your recruiting process is key, but it’s even more key to embrace organization from the very start of your efforts. Before you send out your first cold email for your next client request, build processes that keep you moving efficiently and take advantage of tools that allow you to organize your communication threads in easy-to-follow formats.

Take a look below to see a quick overview of Jobjet Message and how you quickly send emails to your favorite candidates right from the candidate’s profile. All of your messages to and from your candidate will then be organized right there with the candidate’s information.


The right system will help you keep conversation threads straight

Contacting multiple candidates with similar skill sets for the same position can quickly become a blur, especially during the initial outreach phase before you’ve met them. Avoid confusion and miscommunications with a system like Jobjet Message, that allows you to keep candidates organized and keep personal details straight. It’s great for teams of recruiters, where everyone is multitasking simultaneously.

Personalize your subject lines

We harp on this idea (and the organization idea) pretty often because we know how important it is to candidates. Think about the number of emails that you receive everyday between your work account and personal accounts. Which ones do you open? Which ones do you ignore?

Generic subject lines that don’t seem applicable are probably the ones that are deleted most frequently, don’t make that mistake with your candidate outreach emails. Take an extra second to think about a subject line that is specific to that candidate and their role. This will give your pitch the best chance of standing out.


Speed up your intro emails and responses with templates

The largest complaint that people have about recruiters is that they are slow to respond. Set yourself apart from the rest by ensuring that your candidates feel that you’re championing them and will provide them with the answers that they need in a timely manner. Set aside time to update your candidates on their status and where they are in the process. If you don’t have time for a call, an email or quick text will let candidates know that you still have their interests in mind.

Jobjet Message allows you to build reusable (and incredibly fast) email templates, which will save you time any and every time you need to send an email. Customizing these templates takes seconds, so everyone is satisfied quickly.

Candidates get messages with personalized details and you don’t need to craft individual emails from scratch each and every time.


Take a tip from the marketing team and test your methods

Create your own version of A/B testing by creating different messaging campaigns to determine which ones yield better results and produce engaged candidates. Not only will this give you actual data to improve your messaging techniques, but it will also help you to quantify your efforts in a data driven age. Utilize tools that track conversions for you to save time.

With Jobjet Message, this test can be as simple as making two templates (Template A and Template B for example), and then tracking their response rates over time. Does one outperform the other? Great, you now have a direction to take in your messaging style and phrasing.

Speaking of style and phrasing…

Customize your emails to stand out from the pack

While you’re in the marketing department, ask them to look over your messages and emails to add a bit of creativity to them. As Mike Wolford explained during his interview with us, producing creative and unique messages will allow communications to stand out in an inbox full of boring emails.

Your style, creative presence and choice of words all combine to create your recruiter brand, which is something that will become increasingly important as recruiting continues to increase in competition and the notion of “niche expertise” increases in the minds of your clients.

Luckily you can create customized emails quickly right from your same Jobjet Message window. Nail an aesthetic that works for you and your brand, then make templates from it for the emails you send with Jobjet.



It can be all too easy to compartmentalize tasks, especially ones done in bulk such as sourcing and emailing candidates. But you may find it to be more effective, and that it yields more personalized emails, to message candidates as you find and review their profiles. It’s a fast method for sending those early introductory emails.

Jobjet’s Chrome Extension merges with Jobjet Message to give you the ability to find candidates in your favorite sites and then send emails in just seconds.

We’re incredibly excited to see how you enjoy using our new Jobjet Message tool. It’s a fast and easy way to contact candidates while staying organized in the process. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot today!

Jobjet Message is available to all Jobjet users and free to start for any new users out there.