Recruiters were focused on hiring for culture and helping hiring managers to make faster and more efficient hiring decisions all throughout this week. They had great suggestions for walking clients through important aspects of the recruiting and hiring process, ranging in everything from marketing their company’s culture on a regular basis to using questionnaires for determining which candidates were an ideal fit for the role.


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Don’t Look For Talent, Build It: The Next Megatrend in Recruiting

By James Ellis

Social media strategies and employer branding are no doubt hot topics in the field right now, but how effectively are these strategies being executed and how can they be improved to have a broader reach? It’s difficult to persuade passive candidates to stay interested in social media pages and they are not likely to visit career pages frequently unless the content is valuable to them and their industry. To give passive candidates something of value, while growing the talent that your company requires, Ellis suggests developing free online training courses that are open to the public. These can range from articles, videos, or even online assessments and span a variety of fields. These free courses will attract and interest talented candidates while providing them with valuable job training. Develop courses tailored to the roles and skill sets that you hire for frequently to keep pipelines for these roles full. Ellis recommends having recruiters contact the most dedicated or skilled candidates to build relationships with them as they continue to grow in their field.

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Taking Too Long to Hire the Right Candidate

By Rob Davis

Davis does a great job of breaking the hiring and assessment phase into actionable steps that are easy to follow. He urges us to put ourselves in the candidate’s shoes to consider how lulls in the hiring phase and gaps in communication look to the candidate. To avoid some of these delays, Davis urges hiring managers to break the decision down into three basic questions:

  1. Does the candidate possess the necessary credentials to perform the job?
  2. Will this job interest and motivate the candidate?
  3. Will this person be able to effectively work with the existing team?

These questions are great for reminding a hiring manager about the factors they should be considering when making a decision. Despite the various assessments and creative questions used in interviews, finding a great hire can still be broken down into a series of simple steps and questions.

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The Argument for Candidate Detraction

By Anna Ivashkavich  

Wouldn’t you rather read through 10 tailored and relevant resumes than a stack of 100 one-offs? That’s Ivashkavich’s point exactly. It’s much easier, and faster, for recruiters to vet candidates who are qualified than it is for them to sort through piles of candidate applications that lack the skills necessary to perform a role. Of course, that’s why job descriptions list these requirements, but that’s not quite enough to dissuade candidates who are feverishly looking for a new role from doing the candidate version of spraying and praying.

What can keep candidates who aren’t suited to the role from applying is an honest depiction of the company and team culture. Conveying this openly and honestly allows candidates to determine whether or not the role is one that they will thrive in, or if they should keep looking for a role that is more suited to their workflow and personality. Ivashkavich recommends imbuing everything you do to promote a job with a sense of the company and team culture to attract people who are a fit for the role.

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How the Landscape of Talent Attraction Has Evolved (Part 1)

By Jon Stanners
There’s no doubt that changes have occurred to the recruiting sphere and that candidates have more power in this transaction than ever before. Candidates have the ability to research a company, get a sense of what others at the company are making, and post reviews about the interview process and environment publicly. Employees are no longer looking for long tenures with organizations, but are making career changes more frequently which leads to higher recruiting costs. Stanners associates this with candidates’ desires for positions that offer more perks and better employee engagement. To thrive in this competitive hiring environment, companies must become masters at toting their brand and what they have to offer candidates. This will help companies to create strong pipelines that are able to sustain shorter employee life cycles.

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Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Candidate for the Job

By Jennifer Celaya

This a great piece for hiring managers who may be having a difficult time assessing candidates and if they’re a fit; it’s also full of insights for recruiters who may be faced with filling a position that has a niche culture. One of Celaya’s great recommendations is to use numerical scoring systems for certain attributes like skill set or interview performance. This will help you to assess whether or not the candidate is a good fit as far as “hard skills” go. “Soft skills,” however, can not effectively be categorized that easily and Celaya urges each company to develop their own unique strategy for assessing if a candidate is a culture fit or not. She notes that one of the best ways to determine this is to conduct some form of testing to see how efficiently candidates perform on-the-job tasks. This can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Asking candidates to work with the team for a day.
  • Giving candidates a case study or issue and asking them to come up with a solution for it.
  • Putting all new hires on a probationary period to test their skill sets in real world situations.

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It was another great week for recruiting advice and we hope this rundown gave you some quick insight that you can put to good use in the future. While you’re here, feel free to download this free Twitter summary. This helpful PDF focuses on the subject of #HR and it includes terrific advice from some our favorite HR commentators. Enjoy!


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