This week the recruiting and HR pros of LinkedIn were focused on sharing some of their secrets to building great teams while others were busy analyzing the year’s upcoming trends. Whether you’re interested in creating unique candidate experiences or uncovering talent in novel ways, this week’s writers are full of expert advice that’s sure to be used in the new year.


Creating the “Perfect” Recruiting Function!

By Gregory Karanastasis

Karanastasis has used his years of experience to craft an awesome list of steps that can be adopted by teams of any size to create great, customized recruiting strategies. Some of his helpful tips include:

  • Gain an understanding of your organization’s values, existing processes, and how it operates.
  • Branch out and connect with your marketing team to attract talent in fresh new ways.
  • Build talent communities to gain an understanding of what your candidates value in a new role.
  • Build talent pipelines so that you have leads when you need to make unexpected placements.
  • Praise and engage your team.
  • Build employee referral programs to extend your reach and let your company culture shine.

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A Touch of Recruiting Fairy Dust is All You Really Need…

By Sunny Zunker

While discussing her team’s talent acquisition philosophy, Zunker reminds readers of the importance of incorporating positivity and trust into your talent acquisition strategy in the upcoming year. Her message is that, at its core, recruiting is a highly personal field and that cultivating and helping talented professionals grow is a key aspect of the job. Striving to understand differences and varying viewpoints, as well as rewarding both employees’ and candidates’ achievements, will lead to higher retention rates and positive relationships with candidates and clients alike. In the new year, it’s important to remain focused on data and new trends, but don’t forget about the importance of the candidate and client experience along the way.

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Recruiting HR Professionals in 2016; What Have We Learnt?

By David Barlow

Taking a step back to think over the successes and perhaps some of the missteps of 2016 is an important part of planning for the new year and creating more effective policies. Barlow shares some of his key insights to keep in mind when crafting these new policies and strategies, and also fills us in on trends that he’s seen popularize over 2016. One trend that Barlow urges recruiters to be weary of is counter offers. With niche talent becoming increasingly difficult to find, counter offers are on the rise, yet the majority of individuals who accept them leave within a year. Barlow has found this to be the result of the emotional toll that searching for a new role can have on jobseekers. He urges recruiters to ensure that their candidates are emotionally invested in the recruiting process and finding a new position, reducing the likelihood that they will accept a counter offer. He also foresees a rise of in-house recruiting, but urges these recruiters to work closely with specialized recruiters when certain roles present difficult and unique challenges.

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Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2017.

By Brian Baginski

Baginski has put together his list of the top changes that he expects to see in recruiting during the new year. He presents a variety of new sites and tactics to utilize to increase your recruiting efficiency and tap into new talent pools in 2017.

  • With changes to LinkedIn, recruiters will either need to pay for tailored packages or find new tools. Baginski urges recruiters to brush up on their Boolean search skills as an alternate, and free, way of tracking down candidates.
  • Facebook is going to become a contender to job boards as it builds features that will allow applicants to apply via the platform. It will be beneficial to begin creating a professional image on the site now in preparation for these new features.
  • Social sites like Twitter are great tools, but sites like Meetup,, and AngelList are also good places to look for fresh talent.
  • Recruiters need to create a personal brand as they strive to represent talent, social media is a great place to start building profiles and content to attract candidates.
  • Recruiters will have to work closely with the companies they represent to ensure that offers and benefits are lucrative enough to win over great talent.

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Talent in the Cloud, Why it Can Transform Recruiting in the Agile World.

By Karuna Vempala

Vempala urges talent acquisition pros to utilize cloud storage to quickly find the best talent. He argues that companies must utilize contractors and freelance professionals, viewing Talent as a Service (TaaS), in order to give their company access to the best candidates to suit their needs. By doing this, companies will be able to contract highly skilled talent that already possesses the tools to complete tasks, getting things done more efficiently with less on-the-job learning. Cloud storage will allow talent acquisition professionals to access and store candidate profiles at much faster speeds and allow them to create larger talent pools. Both of these trends are on the rise, and Vempala urges staffing professionals to become acclimated to cloud tools and utilizing freelance talent now before the trend really takes off.

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