Autumn Updates

Hey there! We been releasing a ton of powerful new tools and features over the past few weeks, so you might want to get caught up on everything that’s new inside Jobjet. Get up to speed with our latest offerings with the helpful information below. We’ve got a lot in store for you, so enjoy!

Find New Candidates Fast(er)

Add the Hound Chrome Extension to your browser

Hound by Jobjet is a powerful new Chrome Extension that allows you to dig through millions of candidate profiles to quickly uncover candidates who match your search criteria. It blends seamlessly into your Chrome browser, so sourcing new talent from social media sites has never been faster or smoother. You can now browse through candidate profiles in your Chrome browser and then add your favorite candidates to organized candidate lists with a only a few clicks of your mouse.

Or as we like to say, release the Hound!
2.0 Adding a candidate to a List

Discover candidate contact information

Hound doesn’t stop at building lists. It will discover the public contact information of viewable candidates within seconds (even the candidates who aren’t connected to you). Hound puts the best talent right at your fingertips and only a quick message or call away.
1.0 Displaying a Full Candidate Profile in the Chrome Extension

Use Hound by itself or as a part of Jobjet

The new Hound Chrome Extension is a great new tool for finding and contacting talent. It gives you instant access to the best candidates and works beautifully as a standalone Chrome Extension or as a part of your existing Jobjet recruiting software. Whether you’re using the Hound Chrome Extension by itself or with the Jobjet app, new candidates are only a few clicks away.

Watch Hound sniff out a candidate’s contact information below

Edited Hound-by-Jobjet-Chrome-Extension

Quickly Contact and Communicate With Candidates From Your App

New buttons make sending emails and text messages faster than ever

Send emails and text messages to candidates in your pipeline with the new buttons we added to your Jobjet dashboard. You can see them conveniently located at the top of your People list view.
1.0 New buttons to Send Email and Text messages

Choose between a candidate’s different email addresses

From your People dashboard list view, you can now choose specific email addresses when contacting candidates who have multiple email addresses. It’s basically a faster way to send individual or group emails to candidates who have personal, work or alternate emails in your pipeline.

Remove any wasted time or confusion lost to candidates who might have multiple email addresses. You can quickly select the email address that works best for your message right from your list view.
2.0 Ability to choose between person's emails when composing an email

Be absolutely sure the right candidate email address is selected

Jobjet will now automatically alert you if a candidate doesn’t have the email address you wish to use for contact.

Meaning, if you select “Work” emails for a group of candidates when sending a batch email, you may run into the situation where some of your candidates don’t have their work emails publicly listed.

Now, you don’t need to worry because Jobjet will automatically tell you that some of your selected candidates don’t have your desired email address (in this example, the “Work” address). It will also give you a list of these candidates and allow you to choose the working address from the same screen.
3.0 Conflict resolution screen for sending emails or text messages

Attach pre-populating addresses to candidates

When you want to add addresses to candidate profiles, your address box (where you enter the text) will now automatically drop down with selectable suggestions. This will help you avoid any accidental mistakes. You can be sure every candidate address in your pipeline is up-to-date and can be found on a map.

Choose how you view message recipients in your “TO” field

Quickly and accurately send messages from Jobjet by selecting recipients from the “TO” field that automatically drops down as you enter the name of your candidate to your message window. You have a clear view, populated with the candidate’s full name, email address and picture, to make sure you’re sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.
4.0 New way to choose and view Recipients in the “TO” field

Get alerted when new candidates have been added to your pipeline

Jobjet will now alert you if any people have been added to your candidate lists by anyone on your team. This is great for fast-moving teams who need to work efficiently as a group. If new candidates have been added while you are outside the app, Jobjet will show you an unintrusive alert at the bottom of your screen when you open the app again. You stay informed of your team’s work and protected from wasting time on candidates who have already been contacted and organized.
5.0 Notification about newly added people in the grid below

These New Features Are Ready For You

No need to wait, you can try these updates today

These changes are now ready for you to enjoy in your recruiting process. Heck, you might be using them already. If so, great! We built Jobjet to give you a perfectly personal recruiting experience. Use what you need when you need it and we’ll be sure to let you know about all of our future product updates when they become available.

Oh, and if you haven’t added Hound to your Chrome browser yet, now would be a great time to try it! There are qualified candidates just waiting to be contacted out there. Happy recruiting!

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