Update News

Spring has sprung and with the changing seasons come some pretty great updates to Jobjet. Some invisible work on our end will have you enjoying faster, more accurate data and some added verification steps will make sure all of your emails always get delivered as you intended.

Oh, and our Chrome Extension just became the perfect sourcing partner for your LinkedIn Recruiter account.

Let’s explore our latest changes!

More Candidate Data

Get accurate candidate data with every search

Our talent cloud continues to grow and this last month saw one of the biggest increases in Jobjet’s history. We now have more than 330,000,000 profiles with up-to-date resume data ready for you! This database of resumes means that you get faster, more accurate results when enriching outdated resumes or searching for hidden contact information.

Verified Candidate Data

Send emails and message candidates with confidence

We beefed up our already strenuous verification process to ensure that your emails always get delivered. There’s no time in sourcing for bounced emails or messages sent to outdated addresses. With Jobjet, you can reach out to talent with confidence. Every email you send to an email address found or enriched with Jobjet will get delivered to a functioning address and the candidate you intended to contact.

A Chrome Extension that Pairs Perfectly with LinkedIn Recruiter

Use the Jobjet Chrome Extension on single profiles, search results and more

You can now use your Jobjet Chrome Extension to enrich and/or save candidate profiles on individual candidate pages and pages with multiple candidate results (for example, a page with a list of candidates after a search query). LinkedIn Recruiter users will love the expanded capabilities of their Jobjet Chrome Extension.

Use the Chrome Extension on a single profile page

Using the Chrome Extension on single pages is still basically the same, so you’re familiar with that process of enrichment if you’ve used the Chrome Extension before.

Use the Chrome Extension on a page of search results with multiple candidates

Enrichment of multiple candidates is a great updated feature for those multi-taskers out there. If you have a list of candidates who appear to meet your requirements, you can enrich and/or save up to 15 candidates at the same time. There’s no need to dig into each individual LinkedIn profile to gather contact information, you can simply enrich the list of results from the search results screen.

Use the Chrome Extension on a Projects page

The same great functionality that you can enjoy on search results pages, can also be applied to your Projects pages inside your LinkedIn Recruiter account. Enrich and/or discover contact information for up to 15 candidates at a time with your Chrome Browser.

So, say you have a LinkedIn Recruiter Project that’s been open for a few months. You can use your Chrome Extension to enrich all of the Candidate Profiles of the candidates appearing on that Project page.

Or, maybe you just want to send an introductory email to all of the candidates associated with one of your LinkedIn Projects at one time. Your Jobjet Chrome Extension can save you a ton of time by allowing you to save your list of candidates to the Jobjet App, where you can then send a bulk email (to verified and up-to-date email addresses) with a few quick clicks.


…and that’s all folks. Thanks for checking out our latest changes and be sure to explore their benefits with your own Chrome Extension and App.

Good luck out there!