April Updates

We are excited to announce several updates to improve your recruiting experience with JobJet. From parsing resume data to sharing carefully selected information about specific applicants, we know these new features will help you save time in your pursuit of great candidates.

Check out each new feature below to see how they can make your recruiting process faster and easier.


List View of Opportunities and Applicants

We created a “list view” feature inside your dashboard to give you more flexibility in the way you organize and view people in your pipeline. Easily switch between views to control the way you browse applicants. You can now easily compare locations, salaries, statuses, modification dates, completion percentages and the stages of each applicant against one another in a simple-to-view list.

To access the list view, simply look to the right upper corner of your pipeline window and select the icon of horizontal bars.

New Timeline View + Agenda and Stage Filter

Our new timeline view lets you drill down into one more level of detail as you track your recruiting efforts. Scroll through your updates with a simple timeline on the left side of your agenda tab.

In addition to the new timeline, we added a new “Stage” filter to your list of options. Now you can sort applicants by their stage in your process.

Dynamically Expanding Comment Fields

Quickly add your comments and never feel limited in the amount you can see, thanks to the addition of our dynamically expanding comment field. The new box still lives on the applicant’s profile, but now you can leave all of your comments in one place without any restrictions. Add paragraphs, lists or a simple reminder. The field is conveniently placed to let you add any information you need to share or remember.

Importable Contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Office365, etc. Inside the On-boarding Screen

This terrific feature gives you the power to convert all of your existing contacts into potential candidates with a few easy-to-use buttons. You can connect your existing social and email accounts to Jobjet to allow a fast and seamless experience of importing all of those hard-earned contacts.

Enlargeable Profile Pictures

Expand the size of your candidates’ profile pictures when you need a bigger view. This nice new feature will help you stay organized and streamlined as you build a robust applicant pipeline of familiar faces.


Enhanced Social Profiles Lookup

You have more power than ever when looking up information found in your applicant’s social profiles. Now you can see an applicant’s employertitle and location when searching their name. 


Customizable Sharing Options on Applicant Profiles

Now Jobjet gives you control over who gets to see what on shared profiles. This is a great feature for sharing applicants with your clients or specific team members, because you can choose the specific details your recipient or team gets to see on the candidate’s profile.

Take George here for example. It’s now incredibly easy to keep his contact information hidden from his public profile thanks to this customization feature.



Data Management

Resume Parsing of New Formats

We have added the ability to parse resumes that are imported as pdf’s and images. Now you don’t need to worry if a talented designer or creative-type sends you their resume in a beautiful design. JobJet will accept and read them so you get all the information you need. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 4.46.32 PM

Data Merge for old and outdated information [Conflict Resolution Screen for People and Companies]

Merging outdated information associated with old companies and candidates is easier now with the creation of our “Data Merge” screen. On this screen, all you have to do is compare profiles, and then select what pieces of information you would like to merge. A quick “merge all” takes the headache out of keeping individual applicants in your pipeline current. The best part? This process, which used to take recruiters hours of work each week, now only takes a few moments.


Try them for yourself

We’re excited to see how these new features impact your recruiting, so try them for yourself! We want JobJet to be the easiest, fastest recruiting tool you’ve ever used, so feel free to dig in and then reach out. We would love to know how you’re using them.

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