How to Avoid Waiting for Talent That Might Never Arrive

HR teams know that waiting for active candidates to come through the door or depending on passive candidates to respond to LinkedIn InMail can be time consuming and ineffective. Because of this, we believe that it’s important to source passive talent and contact candidates outside of LinkedIn.…

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Low Unemployment Rates: Why You Need to Shift Your Hiring Strategy

We recently read an article by Dr. John Sullivan that highlights the issues that come with recruiting in an era of low unemployment. Because of these issues, he urges recruiters to shift to a hiring strategy that places greater emphasis on passive recruiting, or what he calls a “poaching……

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Infographic showing a business cycle

What does the future of sourcing look like?

You’ve done everything you have to. You’ve posted the job description on the right job boards and now all you have to do is wait for the right people to apply. That might have been your strategy five or six years ago. Gone are the days when recruiters just sit around waiting for the right people to…

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top down photo showing multiple cell phones to show the complexity of managing outreach through multiple sources

How to get better outreach results?

Cold outreach often times lands unanswered. That's why some recruiters like to emphasize volume and let the Law of Large Numbers work out its magic. That is one strategy but there might be a better strategy out there. One that focuses more on quality rather than quantity. One way to make your…

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A picture of a chess board showing players strategizing their next move

What’s holding up your hiring strategy in 2018?

Q2 is about to wrap up which means it’s time to evaluate the hiring efforts you’ve already implemented in the first half of the year, and decide whether anything needs to change. Obviously, your hiring strategy is much too big to make any significant changes halfway through the year but this is a…

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Image of a coding screen to show the importance of skill over experience

Why skills matter more than experience

We recently stumbled on a brilliant article by Jan Tegze that talks about the importance of skills when you’re advertising for your current job opening. It struck a chord with us here at Jobjet. Tegze’s main point is that the years of experience someone has should not necessarily be the main…

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3 Reasons Why LinkedIn InMail is Inefficient

We’ll admit the idea is ambitious, even utopic. For a monthly fee, you get access to arguably the largest database of professionals in the world. With a few simple clicks, you’re directly in the inbox of your favorite candidates telling them about the open position you have. With the right amount…

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The numbers are in. How does your hiring strategy stack up?

If your open position is taking longer than 40 days on average to fill, you might want to consider changing your hiring strategy. According to the latest Recruiting Benchmark Report, collected by Jobvite, the average time-to-hire (in days) across all industries has been slowly declining in the last…

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Why AI will not replace recruiters

You must’ve read it a thousand times by now. Every other article has the words “AI” and “blockchain.” It goes without saying that the technology is coming to change things. We should be seeing some big shake-ups in the recruiting industry in the next few years. But machines will not replace humans…

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How to Source Candidates from GitHub: Find Tech Talent Faster

If you're looking for tech talent, you need to find highly qualified and specialized candidates in an incredibly competitive market. Now, you're probably already (plenty) familiar with GitHub. To those familiar with the site, we say, "welcome." To those of you who are only starting your journey…

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