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How to Source Candidates from GitHub: Find Tech Talent Faster

If you’re looking for tech talent, you need to find highly qualified and specialized candidates in an incredibly competitive market. Now, you’re probably already (plenty) familiar with GitHub. To those familiar with the site, we say, “welcome.” To those of you who are only starting your journey into this great destination for tech pros, you’re … Continued

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3 Recruiting Tips to Deal With LinkedIn Changes: Real-World Examples to Source Faster

LinkedIn continues to evolve and that change isn’t likely to stop soon (or ever). Each new update can bring raised prices and/or new frustrating learning curves with it. However, nobody is walking away from all of that unbelievably convenient and valuable candidate data just yet. Let’s investigate the steps that a few successful recruiters take … Continued

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How to Improve Your LinkedIn InMail Response Rate with 12 Customizable Examples

InMail should be the perfect way to contact candidates, shouldn’t it? You have all of the candidate’s information laid out before you and they have the ability to quickly see yours. It’s the career domain, so recruitment communication makes perfect sense, even between strangers. So why aren’t InMails more effective? InMail response rates of 15 … Continued

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Paid Vs. Free: Which LinkedIn Account is Right for You?

Reduced functionality and steep price increases have created expensive and/or time-consuming hurdles for those of you recruiting with a LinkedIn account. However, for those of you who still use LinkedIn or its paid Premium versions for social recruiting or discovering candidate data, it clearly continues to offer value when sourcing new talent. Reaping its benefits might not … Continued

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Use Candidate Data to Personalize Outreach and Improve Sourcing Results

Candidate data is more abundant than ever. Big data in recruitment isn’t new, but candidates have more public information that’s spread across more platforms than they ever had in the past. The process of recruiting, and more specifically, the outreach stage of your sourcing cycle, has evolved to the point where personalized conversations are necessary to … Continued

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Improve Your Sourcing Results by Refreshing Outdated Candidate Data

Candidate data is an essential part of the recruiting process these days. The industry abounds with it, but using it in meaningful ways can be particularly challenging. There’s big data, small data, outdated data and just about every other “you name it” data you can imagine. Plus, you probably don’t have access to teams of … Continued

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A Coach, a Doctor and the FBI Tell You How to Effectively Evaluate Candidates Faster

Evaluating candidates fairly during initial screenings is incredibly difficult. It can be hard to tell whether a candidate is nervous, inexperienced with interviews, or weaving a few white lies into their story. As a recruiter, it’s not just enough that you’re a Boolean master with infinite talent communities and the ability to read a resume … Continued

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Avoid Recruiting Bias and Improve Your Social Recruiting Results Today

Social recruiting is ubiquitous today and it’s probably a large portion of your sourcing process. With all of that useful candidate data up front and readily available, it can be challenging to avoid false assumptions based on bias (which you may not even realize is influencing your choices). These assumptions can be costly. Don’t lose out … Continued

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