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Quickly Enrich Your Candidate Data with the Jobjet API

Jobjet now offers an exciting option for those of you who already have existing candidate pipelines outside of the Jobjet system. Jobjet’s new API allows you to enrich candidate profiles, which are in your existing candidate databases, with updated and relevant candidate data. It only takes a few steps and your resulting data will be usable and ready with no extra work on your part. Say goodbye to unusable, outdated candidate contact information and profile data with the Jobjet API Update a few candidates or take an entire database of your sourced candidates and ensure that their contact information is updated […]

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Jobjet Update: Contact Candidates and Track Communications with Jobjet

If you want to contact candidates quickly, you’re going to love our latest update… introducing our brand new Jobjet Message tool, which is now available for every single Jobjet user. Find qualified candidates, uncover their contact information and email them from your Jobjet account fast. Plus, now all of your candidate communications will now be conveniently organized in one place!

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Email Candidates Fast (While Still Increasing Response Rates)

Contacting candidates is the great recruiting challenge of the day. There are hundreds of new methods, tools and techniques for finding qualified talent out there. However, contacting your favorite candidates still comes down to some of the oldest challenges in all of business… getting someone to pay attention and hooking that same someone on what you have to offer him or her. I thought it would be helpful to use today’s blog post to explore a few methods and techniques for contacting candidates and how one of our newest tools can help you do it quickly and efficiently. We introduced Jobjet Message […]

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Resolution 2017: Speak the Language of Business in Your New Recruiting Strategy

This time of year always presents a great opportunity to take a step back from our chaotic lives, reevaluate our processes and ultimately promise to do better in the months ahead. For our purposes, let’s examine a recruiting strategy that will start your new year off on the right foot (and keep that foot stepping ahead all year long). We’re going to look at the language of business and how you can use it to close more jobs and create happier clients. Speak in the language of business One of our most popular and enlightening posts of the last year was […]

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Boolean Search Part 2: Sourcing Candidates with Better Strings (and Questions!)

Here we are again taking a look at the mighty Boolean search when it’s used for sourcing candidates in your recruiting process. We first visited this subject a few weeks ago and the topic really benefited our readers, so we decided to dive a little deeper this time. If you haven’t read Part 1 of our Boolean exploration, I invite you to do so here (note though, it’s not necessarily critical if you already understand Boolean basics). Let’s quickly cover the Boolean basics OK, so Boolean searches work thanks to their “operators,” which are: Quotations AND OR NOT Parenthesis So, […]

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13 Brilliant Recruiting Firms and Actionable Recruiting Tactics for Achieving Their Success

Every recruiter has a unique recruiting strategy for sourcing candidates, organizing them and ultimately (or hopefully) matching them with lucky clients. We’d love to present a full-blown, top-to-bottom, surefire process that every recruiter could implement successfully today. However, that dream is just that… a dream. Rather than lay out a rigid recipe for successful recruiting, I think it helps to look at the successful approaches of industry leaders from time to time. Then, ask a few questions. What makes them successful? What do they do differently? What can we all learn from them? For this post, we look at 13 […]

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Learn Better Recruiting Strategies and The Language of Business with Mike Wolford

Today we continue our series of real world recruiter interviews with Mike Wolford, the Strategic Sourcing Manager for Hudson Recruiting. Mike is a successful recruiter with years of experience from various sourcing functions and his current role at Hudson, where he manages a team of recruiters for an impressive portfolio of clients. He’s written books on surefire recruiting strategies and continues to publish his battle-tested insights regularly. Let’s take a look at Mike’s recruitment process and see if his approach can give you some ideas on improving your own results. Mike, tell us about your background I’ve been recruiting for more […]

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Sourcing Candidates And Getting Responses: Email Tips We’re Especially Thankful For Today!

Pass the mashed potatoes and dig right into our list that will help your efforts of sourcing candidates. We’re incredibly thankful this particular season for some tips and a few resources that really understand the sourcing game and have aimed their expertise at the art of the cold email. In a season of giving thanks, wouldn’t you like to be thankful for higher response rates? Finding candidates is easy, but sourcing candidates is hard After all, the greatest sourcing challenge really isn’t finding people anymore, is it? Or at least, LinkedIn and other candidate pools have made the “finding” of […]

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